Helen’s Memories

Helen May Copping
1 922 – 2003

This is a series of memories left by Helen May Copping Allen. Helen was born and raised in the village of Rawdon. Her father,George Selwyn Copping, descended from George Copping and Elizabeth Sagger, one the early families who settled in the Rawdon Township.

She has shared an invaluable treasure of childhood memories of family life in
a small town in the thirties.

Her stories tell of a time :

When childhood was a time of innocence

When Rawdon at the time when the Village of Rawdon was a small country
place where most of the population had never been to the urban area of Montreal.

When children learned to play together in harmony (mostly) without expensive equipment or constant  supervision.

When older children were held responsible for the care of their younger siblings.

When, because they were so rare, the smallest gift was greatly

When entertainment was often home grown, requiring very little in the way
of equipment.

When children were expected to amuse themselves, the older ones being
responsible for their younger siblings.

When although there was electricity and magneto phones in the town, not all houses subscribed these amenities.

Before little leagues with all their required structure and equipment had

During the summer, “city folk” would come to spend part or all of the summer
“in the country” most often referring to the village. To the local children
these ‘exotic’ friends were of great interest and many close friendships
were established over the holidays.

It was a simpler life.