Mills were an Asset in Rawdon

The Township of Rawdon was fortunate to have a river running down both sides of the settlement. Mills were established at the onset of settlement. The earliest mills were on the lower ranges but were also found on the 5th range and as far up as

Masseu’s Sawmill

Masseu Mill was at the corner of 4th and Metcalfe where the Cenotaph now stands. Built on the bank above the Red River, the sawdust was sent over the bank. A fire caught in the sawdust and it is said the fire burnt for 3 years.  

Belanger Mill

This was the last mill built in Rawdon. I have found very little information for this one.I would appreciate hearing from anyone who can contribute to this story.

Copping Mill

This was the only steam powered mill in Rawdon. Built by Selwyn Copping         on the hill on Queen Street. The entrance to the mill from Queen Street can still be seen.