Ski Bowl

1939 Ski Bowl

The Ski Bowl was on a hill descending from Pine Avenue towards the foot of Mason Falls. In the 1930’s this was a popular site, particularly for the young set.

A popular restaurant at the site not only provided food and drink for the skiers, but also a place to warm up and socialize with other patrons .

August 4, 1940 the Corporation of the Village of Rawdon acquired the land where the ski bowl was located. They spent $2000 for the purchase of two ski tows to improve the ski experience at this popular winter activity.

April 14, 1942 a group called  Rawdon Sports Centre approached the Council asking to purchase the ski bowl. After discussions with the group the Council deemed the sale a reasonable risk. The sale was agreed upon with the following conditions: $3000 cash and $2000 payable within five years with the interest rate 3% per annum on the amount owing.

Unfortunately  the investors were soon proved incapable of meeting their obligations. No money was ever received from the Sports Centre.

May 5, 1947 the Rawdon Sports Center was advised that either the remaining mortgage plus interest and taxes be paid or legal procedures would follow.

With no action from the Sports Centre, August 1, 1949 a resolution was adopted that the Council was going to take possession of the property in payment for the mortgage, interest, and taxes owed to the Corporation of the Village of Rawdon

In the meantime the Village continued to pay the school taxes as well as the interest on the mortgage accumulated.

December 31, 1950 the Rawdon Sports Centre still owed the $2000 and $642.50 interest. The $264.09 school taxes owed were paid from the general expenditures of the municipality.

The Sports Centre had not paid any municipal taxes, either.  The Council seized the land  and the tows. 

The ski tows were loaned to the Legion who for two years operated a ski tow on the hill at the beach.